Darsonvalization - 100 years of the French beauty technology!

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Efficiency darsonvalization in the present!

More than 100 years ago, the French physiologist, Jacques Arsene D'Arsonval, in whose honor was named the device was able to identify the ability of high-frequency currents to pass through the living body without causing irritation of tissues and at the same time providing a variety of physiological effects, depending on the method of application and the nature of these currents.

What is so unique therapeutic effects of the device?

The device works on the body by means of such a proven and effective method, as the high-frequency electrotherapy. As a result, the oxygen saturation of the body, activation of metabolic processes, normalization of blood circulation and sleep, improved muscle tone and strengthen the body's immunity. This device provides effective care for the skin of the whole body, head and face, and improves skin elasticity.

For that you should fall in love with this model: darsonvalization procedure is not only absolutely painless, but thanks to the convenient design of the device WELSS WS 2320 - is also extremely safe.

Compact dimensions WELSS WS 2320, and its ease of application make it possible to use the device not only in the specialized clinic, but at home.

Now it is possible to improve health and to improve their appearance at any time convenient for you - whether it's morning minutes or hours of rest of the evening!


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