OEM/ODM Manufacturing


Welss invites to cooperation advanced companies for the production of innovative solutions, devices, devices, instruments for beauty and health and also natural cosmetics and hygiene care products. Welss is also interested in expanding the range of medical cosmetics. Our interest is comprehended by all countries of the world, from where it is possible to attract innovative solutions and recipes for unique and innovative cosmetics. We are also interested in cooperation with medium-sized companies that can surprise with their inventions in the field of beauty and cosmetology. In case of interest, please send us samples.

Please note that the policy of our company does not include payment for the cost of samples and transportation.

The supplier must provide samples for testing at his own expense, including all accompanying documents and certificates confirming the reliability and quality of the products.

  1. The company does not pay for the cost of unknown and not tested goods
  2. The company does not obligate itself to pay its expenses
  3. The company does not pay for products and services on which there is no contract
  4. The company pays for on-site product testing services
  5. The company is interested in long-term cooperation and therefore carefully chooses partners
  6. The company does not use samples for personal purposes
  7. The company does not allow the exemption for payment of samples and delivery.
  8. The company does not accept recommendations, reviews and advice from unknown personalities of the company
  9. The company has conditions and requirements for cooperation and purchases
  10. The company has no restriction on the supply and sale of products on the world market.

Welss is interested to produce not only on OEM / ODM terms, but also to provide original brands, under its own name, which after thorough testing is launched into sales.

If you are a manufacturer who is interested in long-term cooperation, please send free samples, catalogs, OEM prices, terms of payment, warranty terms, Certificates to the address below.


  • 4 Politkovskaia street; 0186 Tbilisi, Georgia
  • PHONE +(995) 570100424
  • welss@welss.ge

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